"The aim of art is not to represent the
outward appearance of things,
but their inward significance."

HELLO! I’m Trina, a Massachusetts-based boutique photographer specializing in custom wall art, whimsical composites and memory-filled albums designed to be family your heirlooms.

Have you ever stood in a museum completely in awe of the masterpieces which surround you? If so, you may have some idea of how I feel about the transformational power art. Art is meant to be seen and enjoyed! Can you imagine if Van Gough’s, Monet’s or Degas’ masterpieces were simply saved on a USB drive or stored it securely in the cloud? Like art in a museum, I have similar feelings when holding a vintage a portrait of an ancestor - as though if for a brief moment I connect to not only to my past but the beauty of a simpler time.

Time is fleeting. Kids grow fast. I believe it is important to surround yourself with the people and moments which inspire joy in your life.

Come join me on a carefully curated journey as we work side-by-side to create wall art of the precious people and furry companions who fill your life with love!

Meet Trina

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